When we restructure, we are marveled by the sense of great respect for those who have built before us, valuing what is already there, moved by what is often simple but extremely beautiful.
And, so it is for “La Salina”, the only rural house with clean and contemporary lines highlighting the very essence of our old country houses.
It boasts: handmade terracotta flooring with a design taken from the ancient Pisan churches.
The garden is immersed in a uniformed and harmonious territory where your gaze can be lost without interruption.
In the early 19th century, it was used as an area for the bottling of salt water from the ancient aquifers with proven therapeutic properties. In 2015, its simple splendor was restored, welcoming families and friends with the desire to share its beauty.
Tuscan beauty can now be experienced during the winter season, seated in front of a fireplace glowing with wood from local olive trees. Enjoy a rich and delicious breakfast in rooms which elegantly welcome all those seeking a “soul place”.

Request for a stay

Thanks to the several requests for stays in the winter, La Salina will now remain open from Thursday until Sunday as a B&B, Christmas holidays excluded.